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Martin Currie
2023-08-21 23:04:16

TCCS Fluid System Maintenance and Flushing

Fluid System Maintenance and Flushing


It is recommended that all fluids be removed from the mannequin's bladder after use and flushed. If fluids are not removed, with time the interior plumbing can become obstructed causing breakage of system.





There are two ways to flush the system. One is by vacuuming and the other is by bleeding out. Vacuuming is preferred.


Tools needed: Small One Gallon Vacuum and Release Connector Tube (included with mannequin.)




System must be off


  1. Insert the Release connector into mannequin's intake connector.
  2. Place Vacuum hose over the Release connector tube.
  3. Place hand or cloth over the Tube and Vacuum hose to seal.
  4. Turn on vacuum
  5. Vacuum will change pitch noise indicating mannequin's bladder is empty.




  1. Turn on System
  2. In the Instruction Work station Select one specific blood output. (multiple locations can be applied)
  3. Increase Heart rate to 130 (this increases output flow)
  4. Place a pan to catch fluids until no more fluids is visible.
  5. Turn off blood output location
  6. Turn off System





It is recommended to flush-out system once a month with clean fluids. Add one tsp of bleach to one gallon, fill bladder and flush out through all bleeding ports until is fully empty this keeps all the plumbing system clean from unwanted smells and particles.


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