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Martin Currie
2023-08-21 23:01:43

TCCS Fluid Intake Procedure

Tactical Blood installation and maintenance.


Blood Install


Please follow the instructions on the Blood container for the proper Blood to water Mixture.



  1. Once the Blood mixture is achieved pour into Fluid Tank Bottle.
  2. Make Sure the Fluid level does not pass the 1 gallon mark.
  3. Verify the Red pressure Valve piece contains the seal underneath prior to installation.
  4. Install Red pressure Valve seal and hand tightened.
  5. Verify the fluid trigger inner tube (pink) is properly inserted prior to installing and tightening.
  6. Install the pump mechanism and turn it clockwise until it's firmly tightened.
  7. Attach to the Mannequin's intake connector and clip on the trigger connector.
  8. Press and lock in place the yellow trigger.
  9. Pump the pump lever slowly (every two seconds count). Note: if pumped too fast the red pressure valve will release pressure due to tank over pressuring causing no fluid to flow into mannequin. This is a usual mistake conducted by the user end.
  10. At this point there is no indication of how much fluids is in the mannequin until is full.
  11. While Pumping keep a close eye on the fluid tank level and slowly the level will decrease indicating fluid is being administered in mannequin's bladder.
  12. When fluids start to release from the back flow blue tube, is an indication that the mannequin's bladder is full.
  13. Stop Pumping
  14. Release the yellow trigger
  15. Release the intake connector
  16. Clean the Fluid Tank Bottle and stow in a secure location
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