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Martin Currie
2023-08-21 22:58:47

RealMom Fluid Function and Maintenance

RealMom 2.0 Fluid Function and Maintenance


RealMom 2.0 consists of four fluid input ports Blood, Urine, Amniotic, Lube.


Urine, Amniotic, and Lube are passive and is controlled on the IV bag valve control.


  1. Connect desired fluid to the correct input quick connect, set desired IV pressure and flow rate until desired output is achieved.
  2. To disconnect release IV pressure and close stop-cock or flow rate controller.



Blood is not passive and is controlled by the software on the instructor workstation or OEI APP. Postpartum hemorrhaging Blood must be selected and click Normal. This activates the on/off switch allowing the flow of blood (the other drop down selections is currently obsolete).





All ports should be cleaned periodically after use and or on a monthly basis with distilled water. A 150cc syringe with proper fitting may be used to flush out lines or a designated water IV bag (do not use sodium IV).

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