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Martin Currie
2023-08-21 22:59:52

RealMom Baby Install and Delivery

RealMom Baby Install and Delivery



Note: Lubrication is never enough and must be heavily used in every birth scenario.



Baby Install


(DO NOT insert baby in the Birth canal before start-up of the system)

The system must have initiated bootup prior to installing baby.



  1. Fully lubricate baby.
  2. Insert baby into the birth canal to desired scenario position.
  3. Make sure baby is secured to the push adapter and is locked in place.
  4. Fully Lube Placenta and cord
  5. Place the placenta in the birth canal towards the pelvic area.
  6. Close the belly and wipe all excessive lube with a paper towel.
  7. Always set Dilation to 10cm prior to delivery (Closed dilation will cause major damage when delivering)
  8. Perform Delivery
  9. After delivery wipe the baby and all of the interior of the uterus prior to storing.


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